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Solanki Medical is your trusted provider for an extensive range of surgical products and instruments, essential tools that surgeons rely on to perform a variety of procedures successfully. These instruments are meticulously designed to facilitate the removal of tissues, bones, and other components, ensuring precise and effective surgical operations.

The diverse nature of surgical procedures demands an array of instruments, each serving a specific role. Larger tools are instrumental in primary procedures, while smaller, more delicate instruments are employed for intricate and inner-section surgeries. Scissors, for instance, play a crucial role in separating tissues and various structures within the body. Suction tips, available in various shapes and sizes, cater to different surgical performances, ensuring efficient removal of fluids.

Retractors are indispensable tools used to keep the surgical area open, allowing the surgeon to carry out tasks without causing damage or harm. Solanki Medical understands the critical role that these surgical instruments play in the success of medical procedures.

At our medical store, you can find a comprehensive selection of surgical products, including surgical gloves, masks, caps, scissors, tape, and a variety of tools. Whether you are looking for surgical products near you or a surgical supply store, Solanki Medical is your one-stop solution. We prioritize quality and precision in providing the necessary instruments for medical professionals. Visit our local medical store or explore our online platform to access a wide range of surgical products and tools for your medical needs.


Surgical tools are excellent quality items with different functioning, they are re usable products which can we use multiple times after cleaning and get it sanitized immediately after every use.

All the tools should keep under warm water for at least more than a hour. Our aim is to clean and remove every minimal germs from the instruments so that it do not prevent any other side effect for the next  use of the items. In case of micro instruments it treated in the ultra sonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaner cleans the instrument in lesser time than the manual cleaning process.


It should always get checked that weather the instruments or tools are working properly or not, or they are functioning correctly before it kept for the use of next time. Scissor, blade or any sharply tools should be must glide smoothly. All the light instruments should work properly and give correct level of brightness. There are a wide amount of surgical instruments are available for the use of surgical performance  and every tools have their own usage and advantages.

Every surgeon should have knowledge to when and how to use the instruments in a correct way. There are multiple tools available such as: Allis, Babcock, Dunhills, Sawtell, Debakey, Lanes, Gillies, Different types of Scissors, Needle holder, Towel clips and many more. These should not be used for any other random purposes without having a complete knowledge of every single tools, otherwise it can cause any damage or harm to someone.

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