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Solanki Medical proudly offers a range of sugar-free products, including the renowned brand Sugar Free, known for its artificial sweeteners and non-nutritive sweetener supplements. Sugar Free is a well-established brand that manufactures a wide variety of sugar-free supplements available in different forms, such as pills or liquids.

One of the most common compounds used in the production of these sugar-free products is Aspartame, famously recognized under the brand Sugar Free Gold. Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener, nearly twice as sweet as the regular sugar commonly used in our daily lives. This supplement is an excellent alternative for those looking to reduce their calorie intake without compromising on sweetness.

Each tablet of Sugar Free Gold is equivalent to the sweetness of normal sugar but with just 0.6 calories, making it a preferred choice for individuals mindful of their calorie consumption. It is essential to consume this sugar-free supplement responsibly, and it is recommended not to exceed more than two tablets a day.

For those seeking the best sugar-free options, Sugar Free from Solanki Medical is the ideal choice. Whether you’re looking for sugar-free honey, sugar-free foods, or sugar-free cough syrup, visit our local medical store or explore our online platform for a diverse range of sugar-free products. Trust Solanki Medical to provide you with quality sugar-free alternatives that cater to your health-conscious lifestyle.


This supplement should be taken by two age groups i.e. children bellow the age of 15 and people who are suffering from the condition named Phenylketonuria. The compound Sucralose, It is manufactured by brand Sugar Free Natura.

Its sweetness is more than 600 times than a one spoon of normal sugar we use in our home. It can consumed maximum 6 spoons in one day, you can use them in making any sweet dish at home with less diss advantages.


Stevia is a very well known substitute of sugar which is made with natural process by using natural leaves of Stevia rebaudiana which is also called sweet tulsi plant. It is natural product , It available in brand Sugar free green. It is 300 times more sweeter than the normal sugar. Average 60kg weighted people can have 35 tablets in a per day. We should not consume them in higher quantity for avoiding side effects. These products are bit expensive, Sugar free lite brand has made a supplement in which there Stevia plus Normal sugar is mixed in the same amount.

It reduces the celeries with same amount of sweetness, Its one spoon is equal to two spoons normal sugar. There are various brands who make sugar free products across the world. Sugar free is a very famous and well known brand which substitutes of sugar. You can use them during pregnancy but in a lesser amount.

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