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Durable medical equipment plays a vital role in healthcare, providing a diverse array of devices crucial for various medical purposes. These products, such as blood/glucose bags, plastic syringes, surgical masks, rubber gloves, and more, are essential tools ordered by healthcare providers for everyday use. It’s important to note that medical equipment, including disposable items like syringes, masks, and gloves, is designed for single-use and cannot be reused.

In hospitals, these disposable products are integral for medical surgeries and the treatment of various medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries. Our medical store, Solanki Medical, recognizes the significance of such equipment in ensuring the well-being of patients. We supply a comprehensive range of medical supplies, including compostable products, disposable cups, and other essential disposable items.

At Solanki Medical, we understand the importance of providing medical supplies near you, ensuring accessibility and convenience for healthcare providers. Our commitment extends to offering eco-friendly options such as compostable products, contributing to sustainable healthcare practices. Whether you’re in need of durable medical equipment or disposable products, Solanki Medical is your trusted source for high-quality and essential medical supplies. Choose us for all your healthcare needs, emphasizing the well-being and safety of both healthcare providers and patients alike.



These equipments are for temporary use and not for permanent. We should not use them for next time as it can cause any side effect or any other extra diseases. They also supplies plastic bag for waste materials and for many other purposes like vomiting, cough and others. It also includes cotton pads, bandages, surgical face masks, eye patch, sheets and bags etc. These products do not have risks of any unnessisary infections.

It also saves time of cleaning the items manually or by ultrasonic device. These medical products are oftenly support diagnosis and treatment. These products are only used once.


Manufacturers provide these medical devices all over the worldwide in various product items with different use for any surgical or other purposes. These are mainly used in hospitals or clinics and also in household usage. There are many other examples such as: nebulisers, feeding syringes, oxygen administration, face masks, urinary catheter, retractor, laryngoscope and inhalers among them. Our main aim is to make hygienic products for medical use as they do not affect or spread germs and bacteria to others. Disposable products should not be get used for again usage and also should never anywhere.

Always through it in a dustbin and maintain the hygine. Different instruments have different roles in their own work. Do not waste the products when its not required and for any unnesissary needs, do waste plastic. Never burn the used plastic items as it can cause a big incident and also can make difficulty in breathing.

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