Sleep is very important an individual, lack of sleep can cause unhealthy life style and diet. It reduces your everyday energy and your is not able to think clearly and make wrong decisions. Sleep indirectly connected to depression and other health issues like high blood pressure, kidney diseases and many more. Sleep less affects the internal hormones of your body and decreases the energy of your body. Getting a good sleep should be your priority. Minimum 8 hours sleep must for a human being to live a healthy life. Before going to sleep have some good food that helps to get fall asleep easily. Do not take and avoid taking sleeping pills until or unless prescribed by doctor. Avoid taking short naps during day time. Go for a walk or jogging so that body will want to get relaxed and will need to take rest. Maintain a proper day and routine with meditation, exercise and having good food. Here are some tips to get healthy and good sleep-


Artificial lights have lesser power than LED or normal bulbs. It relaxes your eye pressure which gives you peace vibe.



Your room temperature should be in the range of 65 to 68 degrees, also take a hot shower before bed.



Caffeine has an average half-life of 5 to 7 hour, meaning that 50% of caffeine is still present in the body after that time and interfere with your sleep.



Avoid alcohol before going bed, it is a myth that alcohol helps to sleep easily.



Maintain you daily routine to get a good sleep, exercise daily or go for running and jogging.



Try to avoid using screen before going to bed it will give pressure to your eyes.



Listen to soft music, it will relax your and gives you peace atmosphere.



Wear comfertable cotton clothes while sleeping and light shaded color clothes.